Upsize Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access, for many organisations, can be extremely powerful and is often the first solution implemented as a method of automation and adding structure to the business. However, as the organisation grows and the requirements become more complex, Microsoft Access databases can often start to “creak” and can experience speed or data corruption issues.

What are the limitations of Microsoft Access databases?

  • They do not lend themselves well to multi-office environments
  • They have a recommended size limit which, when reached, can start to impact on performance
  • They cannot be accessed from other locations unless you install the user application

How can we help?

We have helped a number of organisations “upsize” their Microsoft Access database to Microsoft SQL (Access’s big brother), whilst re-developing the user interface in a web based environment. This provides a far more flexible method of working with the database, and provides a stronger foundation for future growth.

If you have a Microsoft Access based system and are experiencing some of the issues outlined above, please do contact us on 01634 299800 or send an email to discuss how we can help.