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Enterprise web development

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We’ve been providing both Managed IT and Web Development services to the Hymns Ancient and Modern group for many years now, and have watched the Charity grow to incorporate a number of business offerings. Having acquired various organisations over the last few years, their web presence was left feeling disjointed and without a clear group image. To bring together all the individual divisions of the business, CEO Dominic Vaughan, made the decision to develop the Hymns Ancient and Modern heritage brand as the common link.

Project description

Our proposal was to reinforce this brand by bringing together all websites within the group so that they would jointly deliver a clear and coherent group message whilst still retaining their own identity.

In brief, our core strategy was to:

  • Redevelop all existing websites and develop new sites using the industry standard Umbraco ASP.net Content Management System. This would allow a trained user to maintain any website within the group.
  • Group Login: Develop a single login that would allow web visitors to sign up once and access all websites within the group rather than maintain separate usernames and passwords for each site.
  • Centralised Checkout: Develop a single e-commerce checkout that is shared by all websites within the group. This facilitates the cross selling of products across the group and provides a single point of payment.
  • Advertising Server: Develop an advertising server solution that would allow the advertising team to “push” adverts for all websites within the group, enabling them to track the number of times the advert is displayed and the number of times a visitor has clicked on it.
  • Mailshot Server: Develop a template based mailshot system that would facilitate the bulk sending of sales emails whilst also tracking when the mailshot was opened, which links were clicked and who clicked them.

We have now developed 28 websites for the group along with a number of business applications. The websites are:

Church Times
Joint Liturgical Studies
The Sign
General Synod Digest
The Bloxham Festival of Faith and Literature
Church Times 100 best Christian Books
Festival of Preaching
Church and Charity Jobs
Canterbury Press
Church House Publishing
SCM Press
Saint Andrews Press
Hymns Books
The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology
Pilgrim Course
Crockfords Clerical Directory
Visual Liturgy Live
Hymns Book Grants
The New Ancient and Modern
Carols Ancient and Modern
Becoming Reverend
Norwich Books and Music
Westminster John Knox Press
Liturgical Press
Church House Bookshop

If you have a similar project that you’d like to discuss, please call on 01634 299800 or send an email to get the ball rolling.

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