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Automated file processor

for SPCK

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SPCK is a charity with a core focus on publishing. They utilise Microsoft Azure to host their e-commerce environment and Microsoft Power BI as a reporting engine.

Project benefits

  • Significant time savings through automation
  • Faster access to key data

Project description

Their books are sold via many channels, all of which provide CSV/Excel reports via multiple data feeds. These reports require considerable manual intervention to re-work into a format that can be imported into the SPCK SQL databases so they can be reported on via Microsoft Power BI.

We reduced this manual overhead by implementing an automated file processor that programmatically re-works the reports into a usable format without any manual intervention. Once in the correct format, the data is imported into a Microsoft SQL database where Power BI uses it as a data source.

This was a relatively small project, but the impact to SPCK has been significant. What was previously a manual task that ran into days, can now be run in seconds, allowing key decisions to be made faster due to rapid access to important data.

If you have manual processes that could be improved through automation, contact us today.

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