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Compost manager system

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Who would have thought that making compost was so difficult? Throw it in the corner of the garden, and it’ll take care of itself! Well Dr.Eric Crouch, Development Scientist at Compost Manager, can testify that for commercial producers of Compost, such as Biffa, Veolia and Anglian Water, making compost is a far more complicated process. This is why Dr. Crouch created Compost Manager; a software solution that streamlines the composting process, saving companies thousands every year.

A Windows based application had been developed, but required CD installation so would not scale well for an international audience.

Project description

Despite Impreza knowing nothing about the compost process, our analysts were able to work with Compost Manager to understand the requirements and develop a web based solution that would provide a better foundation for future growth. Included in the development was a language module, allowing new languages to be easily added, thus allowing the product to be sold to an international audience.

The product is currently being used across Europe, USA, Africa, Australia and Canada.

If you have a similar project that you’d like to discuss, please call on 01634 299800 or send an email to get the ball rolling.


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CompostManager are a UK-based company which manufacture and supply process monitoring and control systems to composting companies. Working with Impreza has allowed us to take our software from a working prototype through to a state of the art web application incorporating ActiveX integration for communicating with our monitoring instrument. Support for different language and regional settings has also been developed; this has allowed us to expand our business overseas and the system is currently in use in eight different countries. The web-based solution Impreza have developed for us has proved to be ideal for centrally managing our software and ensuring that our clients get the maximum benefit from our product

Compost manager
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