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Medical records archive database

for Microformat/NHS


One of our clients, Microformat (UK) Ltd, is one of the leading specialist preservation and scanning bureaus in the UK. We have been supporting their computers and network for several years now.

They recently won a large and prestigious archiving project with a research department within the NHS. The nature of the project involved the microfilming for preservation purposes, and subsequent film scanning of many years of patient records, making each record available as a .PDF document defined by its’ own unique patient record number. However, the client had a specific requirement whereby they needed to access the data electronically from within an existing database application. Since this final, but essential requirement, is outside their core abilities, they asked us if we could help.

Project description

We were provided with a sample database and sample documents to work from and from these produced a working demonstration of the system within two days. This was demonstrated to the end users who were delighted with the integration we had managed to achieve.

Although the core of the project is the specialist preservation and film scanning of the client’s records, the index produced by Microformat was required to be integrated into the client’s existing database.

If you have a similar project that you’d like to discuss, please call on 01634 299800 or send an email to get the ball rolling.

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